Picking a Good Lighted Make-Up Mirror like an Expert

Now women do not have to strain into the bathroom mirror to see if they have applied their makeup well. If you are wearing make-up on a regular basis, it is important to apply it under the best conditions. You will get away with the odd bad application day, but not on a regular basis.  Even a professional would be proud of the results that they can achieve when there is optimum light. The makeup mirror will show the worst flaws of your skin so you could cover them up.

Making the difficult buying decision

There are many lighted cosmetic mirrors you can find online. So it will be hard to decide which one is the best. A good way to do this will be to decide if you want yours to be freestanding, wall-mounted or hand-held. After that it will be choosing whether or not to have them double-sided and/or magnified. Finally, it will be to determine if they will be battery-operated or have to be plugged into the mains.

Considerations about performance

After you decide upon the major components, there are a number of minor choices that can be included. Value for money is going to be important as you will not want to pay a lot for a basic item. Firstly, the lighting must be bright and a good colour. Bright white is fine, dull and yellow is not.  Glare free is also important as any glare will alter the look that you are aiming for. The ability to fold and store will be good. This is so because you don’t want a lot of space being used upon the dressing table or bedroom shelf. There also has to be movement that means that you could view your face from a variety of angles. Side panels will be ideal for this.

Lighting and energy options

An LED light will ensure that there is a better brightness than a general purpose lightbulb. It will also keep down costs, as they use up around 75% less energy. Also, their use will certainly keep the environmentalists happy. Each bulb will keep working for decades, and can be recharged when they finally do fail.

Read lighted makeup mirror reviews

Once you have decided what is important, you can start looking at reviews. Then, work out which product has the best functions and is at the best price. Cheap does not mean that it will not be suitable.  But if the mirror is going to be on show, you may want to pay a little extra. You could buy one that is chrome and fits in with the rest of the room.


The most versatile lighted make-up mirror can be used as free standing or hung on the wall. Often lighting is fog free. This ensures that it can be just as effective when used at night as it will be when used in broad daylight. The more features there are, the more expensive the mirror will be.  And it is possible to pay in the region of £150, but many are under £50 and some much less than that.